Yorkshire’s venues of infinite variety – ancient and modern, large, small and quirky

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ITCM visits a representative range throughout the county

For event organisers, Yorkshire is like a giant, upmarket tombola. Dig into any area of the county and you can find a gem of a venue. A year ago ITCM went on a tour and carried out 16 site inspections covering unusual venues; ancient monuments; academic lecture theatres; guildhalls and museums. The procedure has just been repeated in 2011. A further whistle-stop tour of almost a score of different venues, all selected by Welcome to Yorkshire, all ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other – yet not a single repeat visit, all completely different from those previously seen.

And, we are convinced, the same procedure could be repeated for some time into the future, constantly coming across fascinating venues, each with something special and distinctive to offer.
The venues in Yorkshire come in all shapes and sizes. ITCM visited, in the space of four days, a choice of venues in each capacity to suit everything from a Board of Directors to an AGM of thousands.