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MOMAD Metropolis closed its second edition with 13,642 visiting professionals and satisfaction on the part of participating firms

From 9th to 11th September, the International Fashion and Accessories Trade Show, organised by Ifema, brought together 13,642 visitors, of whom 13% were international buyers.
As it was held at the same time as MOMAD Shoes, the International Footwear and Accessories Trade Show, a wider audience of professionals attended the event, with both fairs totalling nearly 18,500 visitors, 7.5% more than in September 2015

The trade fair was attended by 432 direct exhibitors and more than 900 fashion brands were represented. The second single-theme edition of MOMAD Metropolis, the International Fashion and Accessories Trade Show, ended with full occupancy and a positive response, thanks to the number of professionals attending and the broad range of commercial items on show.   

From 9th to 11th September the event, which is organised by Ifema, brought together 13,642 visitors, of whom 13% were from abroad. By coinciding with MOMAD Shoes, the International Footwear and Accessories Trade Show, a wider audience of professionals attended the event, with both fairs totalling nearly 18,500 visitors, 7.5% more than in September 2015, when Footwear was presented in conjunction with Fashion and Accessories in the multi-sector Fashion event.

There was also a positive effect on these two fairs from  the Intergift, Bisutex and MadridJoya events, held at the same time. This simultaneous hosting added 5,000 more visitors to the MOMAD Metropolis and MOMAD Shoes fairs, and generated significant synergies between all the events. For a few days the Feria de Madrid became the most comprehensive showcase of fashion and trends in Southern Europe.

MOMAD Metropolis attracted professionals from all over Spain, although the best-represented regions were Madrid, Andalusia, Valencia, Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country. In the international section, the fair received foreign buyers from 87 countries, including Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Germany and Chile, reinforcing the fair's status as the largest platform in the fashion business on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the major industry events on the international calendar.   

Full industry presence
The commercial area of the fair featured 432 direct exhibitors and more than 900 brands were represented, showing their offerings for Spring/Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2016 in a net exhibition area of 15,000 square metres. This full industry presence served to highlight the new offering, given that 38% of the participating firms had not participated in the February edition.  

Among the brands that opted to participate in this edition of the event were national and international players from the fashion and design industry, such as Roberto Verino, Alba Conde, Mercedes de Miguel, Anna Mora, Simorra, Gerral, Charo Azcona, King Louie, Skunkfunk, Kookai, Noa Noa, The Extreme Collection, Moli Bracken, Petrol, Solid, Tiffosi, Lois España, Losan, Fyord, Niza Moda, Almatrichi, Ada Gatti, Peace& Love, Ruga, NKN Nekane, Meisie, Parafina, Blover, The Code, By Philip Ayers, Mayachi, Melé Beach and Tatiana Riego, among others.  

Professional audience of commercial interest
The number of professionals in the audience and the flow of international visitors were some of the points most appreciated by exhibitors at the second edition of MOMAD Metropolis.Indeed, the vast majority viewed the trade fair positively and stated that it had met their expectations.This widespread satisfaction shows that the sector is facing the future with optimism, after having been affected for several years by the economic situation.  

Riccardo Ruggiti, owner of the firm Antica Satoria, took this line in noting the presence of international visitors and acknowledged that the trade fair had exceeded their expectations.“We will be back for the next edition,” he said.Meanwhile, Marta Pinar, Spain manager for Yaya, also gave a positive verdict on their participation, because “it allowed them to win over new customers”. Gil de Montes, owner of the brand Miussa, winner of the Competition for Best Stand at MOMAD Metropolis, said he had noticed the increase in attendance thanks to the simultaneous hosting of MOMAD Shoes on the same dates.   

For her part, Triana Alonso, head of Fashion Jobs España, specialised in bringing together employers and applicants in the sector, exclaimed that “the contacts at this edition were more productive, since among the visitors there were more companies interested in the service we offer and fewer members of the public who are only there out of mere curiosity”.These statements were echoed by the Sales Director of Tartaruga, Patricia Chao, who highlighted the significant support provided by the swimwear catwalk shows, “for having generated more interest and anticipation for this sector among visitors.”Meanwhile, the brand Esperanza Beltrán, through its eponymous owner, highlighted the opportunity represented by this, their first experience at MOMAD Metropolis, since 25% of the contacts made were new customers.  

Special role for Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion had a notable presence in the second edition of MOMAD Metropolis.Through the programming of various promotional activities and initiatives, MOMAD, an umbrella brand that encompasses fashion events in Madrid organised by IFEMA, renewed and broadened its commitment to the segment of Sustainable Fashion, made up of brands that stand out for their sustainable production, marketing and distribution.One of these new initiatives will be the new space “SustainableExperience”, a showcase of an informative nature intended to raise awareness and strengthen the consumption of these sustainable fashion products, which included the participation of leading companies, such as Ecoalf, Skunfunk, Kayak Storm and Naturalist as well as and Yo Dona.  

In addition, MOMAD, in collaboration with Slow Fashion Next, designed the exhibition “‘Analysis of the Life Cycle of a Product”.In parallel with all this, the trade fair housed a specific area in which, alongside the major associations in this field, a total of 15 clothing and accessory companies offered a preview of their sustainable fashion collections for the multi-brand channel.  

Swimwear doubles its presence
As part of the second edition of the show, the Swimwear sector strengthened its offering and doubled its presence with the participation of some twenty brands, which decided to use this event as a commercial platform for the promotion of their collections.Participating firms included Dunadu, Cocada, Arena Negra, B-Kini Milanomarítima, Cotton Crown and Kavra de Formentera. Some of them displayed their offerings on the Swimwear catwalk show, which was held with great success in the Summer Terrace.  

Attractive Programme of Parallel Activities
To complement the commercial exhibition, MOMAD Metropolis hosted an attractive and comprehensive programme of activities. Among them were the presentations given as part of the MOMAD Forum, the informative and knowledge-sharing area at the trade fair that dealt with the new operational needs of the sector, trends, e-commerce and online communication and branding strategy.  

The second edition of the event also hosted the first edition of MOMAD Fashion Lab, a new forum in which the main fashion trends were analysed, with the multi-brand channel as its main pillar, in collaboration with and the Textile Trade and Accessories Business Association (Acotex).  

In parallel, MOMAD organised other activities with appealing content.Highlights among them included the exhibition “Cervantes, Man of Fashion”, in which talented students from the Seville School of Fashion recreated 15 designs inspired by the celebrated novelist and his literary career.The fair also hosted the exhibition “10x10. Art and Fashion”, a creative challenge in which ten illustrators worked on designs by outstanding Spanish artists, as well as an exhibition of final year projects from official university degrees in fashion design from the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE) and the CSDMM Exhibition, which brought together prototypes of designs by students from the Higher School of Design and Fashion of Madrid.  -All these were joined by the jacket design competition, “The Extreme Collection”, organised by the Francisco de Vitoria University.

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