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High-class facilities and outstanding employee motivation at Messe Stuttgart

annual conference of Lifeplus at Messe Stuttgart

Companies from a wide variety of industries stage their sales events at Messe Stuttgart – the latest annual conference of Lifeplus is just one of many examples

For many companies, a sales event is both a kick-off meeting and the highlight of the year. Presenting information on new products, generating enthusiasm for corporate targets, acknowledging successful employees and providing opportunities for networking are the foundation for success. One aspect of these events that should not be underestimated is the right setting – rooms that create a sense of intimacy and bonding.

When all of these factors come together, employees’ motivation to be part of a success story can skyrocket: in just 90 minutes, 13,000 tickets were sold for The Spirit of Lifeplus, the main German annual get-together of a healthcare products manufacturer based in Cambridge, Great Britain. The venue for the 13,000 attendees was L-Bank Forum (Hall 1), the largest hall of Messe Stuttgart, with a footprint of 20,000 square metres, plus a gallery providing an additional 5,000 square metres.

For Tracy McBride, International Marketing Director at event organiser Lifeplus, this was the perfect location: “Messe Stuttgart was the ideal platform for bringing together so many people in an attractive setting. It offered us the right size of facilities, corresponding service and an excellent infrastructure, all in one place. Many of our customers are based in southern Germany. But many also travelled from abroad specifically to attend the event. For them, the location of the exhibition grounds right next to the airport and motorway was ideal, as was the good hotel infrastructure.” The excellent working relationship between Lifeplus Europe, the company’s event agency Nest Studios Limited and Messe Stuttgart was another benefit for McBride. “The processes always ran smoothly, which was very important for us.”  

For the two-day event on 20 and 21 May, the L-Bank Forum was remodelled as a plenary chamber, equipped with a central stage, eight large screens suspended from the ceiling and 13,000 seats. The event was translated into six languages, streamed live around the world and followed on Instagram and Twitter. Events held in tandem throughout Europe were linked directly to the plenary chamber in real time. From a technical point of view, this posed no problems for Neumann & Müller, the experts in technical equipment for events with whom Messe Stuttgart has collaborated very successfully since moving to the new exhibition grounds nine years ago. “We installed 168 tonnes of technical equipment, not counting the stage equipment. A total of 32 articulated lorries were involved,” explains Philip Belz, event technology project manager at Neumann & Müller. “Our tasks included installing some 580 LED spotlights, 360 spotlights and 310 loudspeakers, as well as laying 33 kilometres of cabling plus 10 kilometres of fibre-optic network cables.” The technical crew required to set up the equipment were not short of work and were kept in good spirits with 1,050 meals.  

While the presentations took place in the central event hall, various dinner events were held in the 10,000-square-metre standard hall 3, with 890 guests initially and 4,300 the following day. On the first day of the event, the hall was divided in the middle, with a stage along one side. It was then converted overnight, with the stage being enlarged to form a central stage, giving all 4,300 guests a 360-degree view of proceedings.  

A high-quality exhibition, held on an area of 5,000 square metres at the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart, offered additional information for participants. Many attendees took advantage of the glorious weather to picnic in the Rothaus Park between the exhibition halls, soak up the sun, exchange views, or simply relax. The visitors and organiser considered the short distance between the park and the halls to be another particular benefit of the exhibition grounds. “Our event focused not on presenting new products but rather on enhancing the existing network between our customers. We want to inspire people and give them the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. The various facilities and the park were absolutely ideal in this respect,” says Tracy McBride.

“Our flexible room concept gives us a host of options, which we can deploy in line with customers’ specific wishes. Small-scale, high-quality events can be staged just as easily as major events,” says Stefan Lohnert, Division Director Guest Events at Messe Stuttgart, explaining the advantages of Europe’s most modern exhibition grounds. This makes it possible to create the right setting for any product and any event, in line with customers’ specific wishes. 

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