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Logistics trade fair occupies all exhibition halls Messe Stuttgart

LogiMAT at Messe Stuttgart

LogiMAT to fill all available exhibition space at Messe Stuttgart, continuing the two entities’ shared success

The long and steady partnership between EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, the organiser behind LogiMAT 2016, and Messe Stuttgart has reached a new pinnacle. “We’re going to be using all of Messe Stuttgart’s halls for the first time this year”, declares Peter Kazander, LogiMAT exhibition director and managing director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, who is clearly pleased with this outstanding accomplishment. LogiMAT also achieved significant growth back in 2008, when it moved to Messe Stuttgart’s new exhibition grounds.

These logistics trade fair specialists have been working with Messe Stuttgart since the early 1990s, when LogiMAT was still known as EuroCargo. The 14th edition of the international trade fair for distribution, materials handling, and information flows will have 95,400 square metres of gross exhibition space available for around 1,280 exhibitors, which will be flocking to Stuttgart from 32 different countries on 8-10 March.

They will also have access to additional conference facilities at the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart, in the VIP lounge, and in the press centre. For event management experts like Kazander, LogiMAT’s subject matter and location are a perfect fit. “Baden-Württemberg is home to many of the companies we call customers, and having the airport right next to the exhibition grounds has led to a noticeable increase in our international attendees, as well”, he explains. “Plus, everything is easy to reach on the grounds themselves, and the halls offer plenty of natural light.” That said, Kazander also sets great store by the intangibles. “To succeed, you need a solid partnership and an excellent team”, he affirms. “In Messe Stuttgart’s Guest Events division, I’ve found both. They’ve always made me feel like a partner rather than a customer.”  

Messe Stuttgart, for its part, has enjoyed watching LogiMAT flourish as it has. “Since the very beginning, we’ve come to know Peter Kazander as a partner who operates on the same wavelength as us”, states Stefan Lohnert, Vice President, Guest Events at Messe Stuttgart. “We’re happy that our team, our experience, and our outstanding service partners have had the chance to play a role in LogiMAT’s tremendous success. This will be the first guest event to occupy every area of our exhibition grounds.”  

One of the unique aspects of LogiMAT is that it has integrated its expert forums directly into the exhibition halls. In this process, technical partner Neumann & Müller was tasked with ensuring that the sound production would be top-notch without disturbing the stands nearby.  

“Messe Stuttgart’s service partner did a great job of finding a solution that will direct the sound inward”, says an impressed Kazander. “Carrying on an in-depth conversation whilst presentations are being held in the forum is no problem at all.”  

What about his goals for the future? “When Hall 10 is finished, I’d like to fill it up, as well”, Kazander says as he outlines his further plans. “That won’t be about just expanding, however; I want to be able to offer visitors even more innovations in this first-rate location.”

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