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New responsive HKCEC website designed for mobile device users

The recently revamped HKCEC website for mobiles
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (“HKCEC”) has recently revamped its website, adopting the new ‘Responsive’ technology.  It is now fully available for desktop as well as mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices with different screen sizes and configurations.
Over 70% of the 20,000 daily visitors use their mobile devices to visit the HKCEC website. The revamp provides them with user friendly navigation along with enhanced services and easy to access information.

The design of the entire website follows the principle “visual first”, using photos, graphics and short copies effectively to communicate information.  This strategy matches the preferences of mobile users, and makes navigating the site easier.  

Another main feature of the revamped website is the “interactive floor plans”, which enable users to select their preferred HKCEC venues or restaurants by simply clicking on the floor plans.   

Major HKCEC venues are presented by “panoramic virtual tours”, which help event organisers to visualise the different venues and their specific settings and decor.  This is an extremely useful tool especially for overseas event organisers, because it enables them to understand the configuration of the venues before conducting a physical site inspection.  

Each of the HKCEC’s seven individual restaurants is now presented with a “thematic restaurant page” developed for the website with attractive interior images and shots of signature dishes, representing its unique ambience and culinary specialities.  An online reservation enquiry system has been added to the website, allowing customers to make enquiries even after operational hours.   

As a demonstration of the management company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, “web accessibility” features have been built in to ensure that the content is easily available for all, including people with visual impairments.  

The HKCEC website is an important communication platform through which event organisers, visitors and stakeholders can understand and appreciate the facilities and services provided by the HKCEC.

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