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Cairns Convention Centre Satchels for Schools Program Reaches 12,000

In 2009 the Cairns Convention Centre team commenced the ‘Satchels for Schools’ program, supplying left-over delegate satchels to disadvantaged school students.

During the last five years with the outstanding support of our clients and delegates, 12,000 conference satchels for use as schoolbags have been dispatched. The satchels contained items such as caps, hats, tee shirts, disposable cups, water bottles and soft toys together with 5,000 notepads and 3,000 pens.

Additionally, the Centre’s staff conducted toy drives for orphans in Ghana and collected educational story books which were used to create the first library in Kalapata a village in Eastern Uganda.

Some of the communities who benefit from the Centre’s activities include:

• African Homes and Rehabilitation Centre Ghana 

• Tanosa, a small farming community in Ghana 

• Kalapata Children’s Charity in eastern Uganda 

• Remote schools in western Queensland (Mt Surprise and Karumba) 

• Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) kids programs in Papua New Guinea and Arnhem Land 

• Street Level Youth Care, Cairns 

• Harold’s House, Cairns (safe place for homeless youth)

Rev Kofi Boateng, Founder & CEO, African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Centre, said, “We are very proud to be associated with the Cairns Convention Centre. We are grateful to everyone who has been a part of this program that encourages children to go to school. When delivering the most recent satchels, parents walked seven miles to thank me for enriching their children’s lives.”

Ross Steele, General Manager, Cairns Convention Centre said, “It is heartwarming to meet with Rev Kofi and hear first-hand how the program is assisting the communities that he is working with in Africa. I also applaud the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the Centre’s team to continue to grow the program which is just one of many CSR activities that we undertake.”

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