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Andrea Jorger tells Sydney Paulden of the new city, The Circle, coming in to land at Zurich Airport


Andrea Jorger tells Sydney Paulden of the new city, The Circle, coming in to land at Zurich Airport

When the Swiss offer investors a project valued at £700m, the world takes notice. That is why ITCM was pleased to meet Andrea Jorger in London. He is Senior Vice President, Marketing & Real Estate, of the largest construction project ever undertaken in Switzerland. Known as ‘The Circle’, it is a plan for an Airport City at Zurich Airport.
It was no surprise, then, that he was in the company of Marc Rauch, Corporate Communications Director of Zurich Airport.

The project is of immense importance to the airport, the city of Zurich and the whole of Switzerland and is, apparently, being welcomed by the local population. It is rare to have the opportunity to create a whole city in one go, but by 2017 The Circle is planned to provide facilities for health and beauty, wellbeing, management education, hotels and events, as well as offices to serve as the HQs of multi-national enterprises. Modules will open in sequence, adding new services as the first become established.

‘The whole will benefit from the synergy created by all these activities’, says Andrea. Events will play a big role. An area of 38,000sqm has been allocated to hotels and conference facilities. Gatherings for up to 1500 delegates can be accommodated.

‘Hotel groups are already bidding for the locations. We aim to have a range of 4-star and 3-star properties’, Andrea points out, ‘so that delegates will have a choice to suit their budgets. They will be able to walk through covered ways to the hotels from the airport terminals. ‘In addition, access to The Circle will be easy by train and by bus via high-speed highways and there will be parking for 20,000 cars.’

Zurich Airport is leading the way in investment, by providing 50% of the necessary funds and looking to the private sector to match it.
The Circle will be constructed around a forested hill alongside the airport, only 14 minutes by train from Zurich’s city centre. A major requirement of the development, of course in today’s world, is sustainability.

‘The architects’, explains Andrea, ‘are a Japanese company, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop. Their designs were chosen from a total of 90 candidates from 12 countries. They have experience in projects of this complexity, but at the same time they are taking their inspiration from Zurich’s Old Town.’

Marc Rauch, on behalf of the airport, points out that ‘The Circle will make the airport a whole self-contained destination in its own right’.

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