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Travellers dreams come true with Dreamliner, claims Cheapflights

Why the Dreamliner Aircraft is changing flight search forever

Travellers are increasingly looking to find flights that offer a superior flying experience according to leading global flight search and travel deals website, The benefits of travelling on a Dreamliner 787 aircraft are becoming just as important as destination, convenience and price in the search process, the travel experts claim in the light of recent news from Qantas of the first direct flights from the UK to Australia starting March 2018.

The design of the Dreamliner 787 allows individual airlines to tailor the aircraft to their passengers’ preferences: family favourite Thomson Airways is proposing kids’ areas on its Dreamliner aircraft.

Cheapflights Managing Director, Andrew Shelton said: “The Dreamliner has opened up a whole new skyborne experience with a host of attractive benefits offered as standard such as up to three inches more legroom in economy class, depending on the configuration; personal device holders; USB ports and high-definition entertainment touch screens at each seat.”

Other benefits include:
• The stress felt by many who has struggled to find enough space in overhead lockers is a thing of the past as Dreamliners have more storage space.
• For long-haul travellers who want to snooze while others nearby wish to read, each seat has a mood light designed to minimise disturbance for fellow passengers.
•  Carbon fibre reinforced plastic construction means the cabin pressure simulates a flying altitude of 6,000 feet, rather than the usual 8,000 feet in other aircraft, which makes flying a lot more comfortable.
• Irritation to the eyes and nose is reduced and it’s claimed that germs in the air are less likely to spread effectively.
• The cabin is quiet and, thanks to larger windows, filled with natural light. In economy class especially there is a real sense of space.
• Dreamliners are up to 20% more fuel-efficient than other aircraft, which is positive for environment and represents an operational saving that can be passed on to passengers in the form of lower prices.

Andrew Shelton said: “When All Nippon Airways (ANA) introduced the first Dreamliners in 2010, the new jet rapidly gained a global reputation for offering a far superior in-flight experience. Now, over a dozen airlines, including British Airways, Thomson Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer Dreamliners to and from the UK and more and more Brits will experience a Dreamliner flight in 2017 as airlines’ orders are delivered.”

“At the same time that travellers are turning more to mobile devices to search and book flight, they are increasingly clued up as to the benefits of which type of aircraft they are flying on. So while destination, convenience and price remain the most important factors when searching for flights, they’ll now also consider the aircraft type they expect to be travelling on, especially on long-haul flights when a more pleasant cabin – and reduction in jetlag – can be make or break for a happy holiday.”

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