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The Air Nanny launches – professional chaperone service for children globally

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Mary Poppins has come a long way.  As more and more modern families live global and far-reaching lives, there is a definitive need for nannies and child caregivers who are able to soar through the skyline on more than a rather well-used brolly. The newly launched The Air Nanny service is designed to meet the needs of the modern family.
  A professional chaperone service allowing flexibility to families across the globe, The Air Nanny revolutionises air travel for the youngest of air passengers. Created by Founder and Managing Director Angela Enel, The Air Nanny was formed after Angela spotted a gap in the market for a professional chaperone service for children needing to travel on their own.

Sister to renowned company, The Hotel Nanny, a nanny service to the luxury hotel industry; The Air Nanny aims to provide families with a peace of mind, providing care and protection to get a child safely from A to B. A bespoke and personalised service for each and every child, when the booking is made, The Air Nanny will liaise directly with the family, this will include detailing the journey and the child’s needs as well as sorting all the essential paperwork.  

On the day of the flight a two-hour hand over time is arranged between the parent and The Air Nanny at a convenient location. This allows time for the parent to have some time with both the nanny and the child and to ensure all details have been covered. The nanny will then take over, escorting the child safely all the way through to the arranged parent or carer on the other side.  

Angela comments: “I decided to launch The Air Nanny after seeing the difficulty a friend was having in terms of regularly keeping her children connected with the father’s family. The mother had a very demanding career and was not always able to fly with her little ones, hence sometimes she had to call on family friends to help out but this was clearly not a long-term solution. I knew that there needed to be something more formal that offered a reliable, consistent and professional service where children can be safely and happily taken from A to B in order to reunite family members and loved ones living overseas.”

Today the global stage is The Air Nanny’s office accommodating to families who are separate and live in different countries. Angela continues: “We are delighted to be introducing The Air Nanny, as the sister company to The Hotel Nanny. It has been a very exciting time, to work with some of the best hotels in the country and now to extend our reputation and spread throughout airlines is nothing but fantastic for us.”  

Prices for The Air Nanny service start from £1,000. However, packages will be tailor-made for the family’s needs.

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