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New video function at UK Airport Car Parks transforms search for airport car parks, hotels and lounges

Users can now view and experience airport car parks, hotels and lounges before deciding which one to book with a new video function from UK Airport Car Parks. The unique feature means that customers can see elements first hand, such as the level of car park security, hotel amenities and airport lounge facilities, before making a purchasing decision rather than simply reading about them from the company’s perspective.

Users of the new view video function will be able to clearly see what each provider is offering them with a guided tour. For airport car parks this means customers can see things like airport car park arrival/departure procedures, security levels and how often transfer buses run and how long they take.

For airport hotels they’ll be able to view restaurants, bars and rooms that are in each hotel plus get to know about transfers to and from the airport. When it comes to airport lounges you’ll get a guided tour inside allowing you to see first hand the magnificent décor, comfy seating areas, food & snacks on offer and of course the bar area.

Chris Fryer, Developer at UK Airport Car Parks, said, “It’s often stated that a picture is worth a thousand words but videos are even more valuable. The way people want to shop has changed, they no longer want to read about what they should expect to receive but see footage of it with their own eyes, giving them a better understanding of what to expect and pick out a product or service that best suits them and their needs. By embracing modern technology and listening to what our customers want they can now watch short video clips and view available airport car parks, hotels and lounges for themselves through UK Airport Car Parks.”

Mr Fryer went on to say “Our new View and Book by Video function was developed with mobile users in mind. Just imagine being on a small mobile device and having to read through endless text to get an idea of what an airport product is like. Instead from our site simply watch the video and click book if it meets your requirements!”

To access the new feature users simply need to go to the UK Airport Car Parks website and select ‘View & Book Products by Video’ in the top right corner of any of their pages. From here they can select their chosen product or service to view an informative video and will be shown similar offerings at the same airport to ensure they have the best deal.

UK Airport Car Parks compare the availability and prices of the UK’s major providers of airport car parks, hotels and lounges to bring its customers the best deals. The company’s new function ensures that customers know exactly what they are purchasing and can pick the right product for their needs.

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