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Stratajet adds Embraer Legacy 500 to booking platform via Centreline partnership

CAC Legacy
Stratajet has announced the addition of the only UK-registered Embraer Legacy 500 to its cutting-edge private jet booking platform.  
Customers of Stratajet, the world’s first platform that allows customers to search for, compare and book private jets flights in real-time, now have the exclusive option of booking a flight on the Legacy 500 jet, via the company’s partnership with Centreline, an early adopter of Stratajet’s cutting-edge quoting tool.

The addition of the Legacy 500 expands the availability of the award-winning aircraft management and charter company’s fleet to nine aircraft on The brand new nine-seat jet was added to the Centreline fleet in March 2016 and has a range of over 3100 nautical miles, even when taking off from short runways. It’s the world’s fastest jet in the mid-size segment and boasts full digital flight controls, an exclusive in its size category.  

Jonny Nicol, Stratajet Founder & CEO, commented: “The team at Centreline are renowned for their customer service and are held in high regard across the industry. The company’s fleet and experience have always been welcome on our platform and allow our customers to further tailor their travel to match their needs. The Legacy 500 is a particularly exciting new inclusion to the ever-increasing range of options open to our users. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Centreline in the coming years as we strive to bring private jet travel to a wider audience across Europe.”  

Centreline Air Charter is a 24-hour operation which will significantly improve the choice that Stratajet customers can expect from the platform.  

Phil Brockwell, Commercial Director of Centreline Air commented: “Much like Stratajet we are growing at a considerable rate. By adding the Legacy 500 to the Stratajet platform we hope to offer our customers even more flexibility to ensure all their needs are met swiftly and simply. It’s an exciting time for Centreline and we believe Stratajet will continue to contribute to our expansion.”

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