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Further delay to airport expansion – response from GTMC

“A go ahead on airport expansion has been much needed by the UK economy for many, many years. “Delay after delay is causing significant hurt for businesses. Without an increase in air capacity, UK businesses cannot grow and international businesses cannot make the necessary investments into this country.

“Clear forecasting from Oxford Economics shows a direct link between business travel and economy prosperity. Not only do we know that international business air travel returning to pre-2008 levels within the next five years will add as much as £6.5 billion to the value of UK trade, but that greater air connectivity has a very vital role to play. A one per cent increase in air connectivity has the potential to increase trade by 0.09 per cent, the equivalent to around £600 million. This kind of growth is much needed.

“Current political instability is jeopardising economic growth in many ways. For uncertainty on airport expansion to also be caught up in the shifting sands is both short-sighted and dangerous. Regardless of political beliefs, every UK business is crying out for messages of confidence and room to find new growth, including outside of Europe. Without greater airport capacity, and soon, UK businesses will be collateral damage in the circus that is currently unfolding.

“We urge an urgent reassessment of this delay.”

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