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Cheapflights comments on immediate impact of Brexit result for travel

Flight searches from overseas to UK as much as double as travellers look to capitalise on weakening Pound
Brits decide to ‘sit and waitxic’ as the dust settles

“Last Friday’s EU Referendum result may have sparked a Brexit Boom for UK inbound tourism as travellers around the world adjust to the fact that the UK has suddenly become much better value for money as the Pound struggles. In the few days since Brits voted to Brexit, flight searches from the US to the UK doubled, searches from China jumped 61% and Canada by 49%. Searches for flights to the UK from EU countries shot up 31% in the same period, with Spain and Italy leading the push, showing increases of 84% and 62% respectively. 

“At home, the release of pent up holiday demand many expected to happen over the weekend didn’t materialise, with holidaymakers in the main choosing to ‘sit and waitxit’ before they book. This may be due to the general sense of uncertainty over the country now, or have a more direct correlation to violent currency fluctuations. Londoners in particular seem most downcast, with searches for flights out of the capital actually declining year on year.

“It’s a mixed message for the UK travel industry at the moment, and travellers in general. There are undoubtedly still some great deals to be found on flights, but while the weakening Pound is good news for our domestic industry and those travelling here from overseas, that mixed with a widespread sense of uncertainty is giving British holidaymakers pause for thought before they book.”

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