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Lufthansa Becomes the first airline to operate in a CUPPS Environment on AirIT’s EASE™ virtualized shared use Passenger processing platform

AirIT, the leading provider of information technology products and services to the air transportation industry, announced that the first airline has begun utilizing the new, expanded capabilities of AirIT’s EASE™ (Extended Airline System Environment) virtualized passenger processing platform.
Lufthansa became the first air carrier to begin operations with a full IATA CUPPS-compliant solution on AirIT’s EASEä platform at Tampa International Airport.

The EASE solution allows air carriers to connect directly to their host systems and applications. The new ability to support CUPPS solutions on the platform was borne out of Amadeus’ recent acquisition of AirIT. The transaction has provided an environment where both companies have been able to combine what is largely considered the industry’s most innovative passenger processing technologies into one product. The addition of Amadeus’ technology now allows the EASEä platform to natively support any solution an airline may choose to use in a common use environment, including CUPPS.  

Lufthansa has announced their intent to deploy similar environments on the EASE™ platform at other airports. Specifically, they will be deploying their CUPPS solution at existing AirIT customer sites in Antalya, Turkey and San Jose, California. This new capability will allow Lufthansa to operate at these airports in their preferred solution environment, without limitation.  

AirIT’s Extended Airline System Environment (EASE™) represents the very best in present and future airport passenger processing technology, allowing airline carriers to operate in their own native system environments while delivering cost savings and enhanced operational flexibility to airport operators.   The combined vision of AirIT and Amadeus accommodates airline and airport common operational objectives by providing airlines the choice of what applications they want to utilize  and subsequently lower operational costs by eliminating the technical limitations that traditional common use technologies require, while simultaneously allowing airports the flexibility to utilize and optimize their resources more efficiently.    

AirIT’s CEO, Betros Wakim states, “We are extremely proud to have Lufthansa running in their CUPPS environment at Tampa International Airport. We always envisioned the EASE™ solution to be the most open, accommodating common use environment in the industry. The merging of Amadeus’ technology and capabilities with the existing EASE™ platform is evidence to our customers that leveraging this new relationship will allow us to deliver even better technology than we could before.”

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