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SWISS to launch “A SWISS Welcome” worldwide

As The Airline of Switzerland, SWISS brings people and cultures together. Now the company is seeking keen travellers from various countries to come to Switzerland, explore the country with local hosts and acquire a unique Swiss experience. 

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is looking in 17 countries for people who would like to get to know Switzerland from an individual local perspective. To this end, SWISS is inviting people in all 17 nations – nine in Europe and eight farther afield – to apply to make this unique trip by submitting a creative one-minute video to its special platform between now and 30 November.

All the videos received will be judged by the online community to determine the 20 best submissions from each of the 17 countries. A judging panel will then choose a winner from among these for each country by 14 December. The successful entrants will each win an attractive individual trip to Switzerland with personal contact with their Swiss hosts, and with a SWISS flight voucher, their hotel accommodation and a travel allowance all included. 

In the run-up to the competition, SWISS invited YouTubers to Switzerland to share their experiences with their fans. It was possible to get Steve Booker from Great Britain, whose post can be viewed on YouTube as from today:  

Selection of Swiss hosts and reception on arrival
Once the 17 winners of these visits to Switzerland have been chosen, the “A SWISS Welcome” programme will enter its second phase in early 2016 when SWISS invites members of the Swiss public to apply to serve as the visitors’ hosts. Here, too, the successful applicants will be selected by a combination of public voting and a judging panel. 

The guests from abroad will arrive in Switzerland in March of next year, and will be introduced to their Swiss hosts at a welcome event in Zurich in appropriately “Swiss” surrounds. The visitors will then spend the following two to three days travelling around the country with their hosts and experiencing it from a truly personal perspective.

The “A SWISS Welcome” programme already has its own website. And would-be visitors, hosts and voters can all visit the platform and communicate their interest. The best and funniest “A SWISS Welcome” encounters, and the experiences of the visitors and their hosts, will also be channeled into an appealing film that will be featured on the programme’s website from the end of next April onwards.

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