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ANA introduces its first Boeing 787-9 for international routes

In-flight upgrades include Japan's first real-time television programming service

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA), Japan’s leading and only 5-star airline, announced today that it would be the first Japanese airline to introduce the Boeing 787-9 on international routes, beginning service on its Haneda-Munich route on May 5. Introduction of the extended Dreamliner will streamline operational costs and drive continued growth for ANA, and will also provide with it a suite of upgrades to the in-flight entertainment system, in line with the airline’s commitment to providing the highest levels of comfort and convenience to its customers.

ANA’s new 787-9 aircraft for international service has a total of 215 seats, 46 more than the 787-8, and is equipped with the airline’s latest Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class amenities, providing passengers with a comfortable in-flight experience. New in-flight services offered on the aircraft include ANA SKY LIVE TV, a feature that allows passengers to view broadcast television programming in real-time, which is a first among Japanese airlines. In addition passengers aboard the new aircraft will have access to a choice of free digital content, including e-books and e-magazines, and an upgraded ANA Sky Map, which offers passengers a new multifunctional 3-D perspective to their flight path. ANA is also pleased to announce this will be the first 787 in its fleet to offer in-flight Wi-Fi service.  

The Boeing 787-9 offers an extended fuselage over the 787-8, and achieves up to 23% greater fuel efficiency, with approximately 20% more seating and cargo capacity, resulting in a further reduction in operating costs. The new aircraft is expected to enhance the continued expansion of ANA’s business, particularly in its international network, and contribute to lower operating costs and improved environmental performance. As with the 787-8, the new aircraft incorporates technology that provides an unprecedented level of comfort through innovations that optimize cabin humidity and air pressure within the cabin.  

ANA became the launch customer for the Dreamliner on Oct. 26, 2011, with the inaugural commercial flight from Tokyo Narita to Hong Kong, and then was the first to launch the 787-9 into regular domestic service in August 2014. The latest introduction of the 787-9 aircraft into international service is in line with ANA’s strategy for continued growth, which includes the development of new flight routes and increased flight frequency on existing routes, while maintaining its commitment to increased competitiveness and the highest standards of service and convenience to its customers.

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