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Lyon Airports release 2014 traffic results

Lyon Airports
After five years of growth (4.7% of AAGR), Lyon Airports has seen a slight decrease in passenger traffic (-1.1%) in 2014; the negative growth of the Air France Group (-10.1%) was balanced out by the good results achieved by other airlines (+4%), which operate at Lyon-Saint Exupéry. Freight activity continues its progression, with +12% increase compared to 2013.

Passenger Traffic
In 2014, Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport welcomed 8,467,093 passengers. In the unfavourable economic context, Lyon Airports saw a slight decrease in traffic (-1.1%) compared to 2013. The dynamic growth of various other airlines operating on the platform (+4%) managed to balance out the sharp fall in traffic seen by Air France and HOP! (-10.1%) which represent 33.2% of Lyon Saint Exupéry’s market.

National traffic at 2,983,121 passengers showed a decrease of -4% compared to 2013. The routes to Paris (+4.9%) made up for the reduced offer from the Air France Group on several lines. Certain major transverse flights showed impressive growth such as Bordeaux (+2.4% with 457,970 passengers), Nantes (+5.3% with 363,128 passengers) and Bastia (+25.2% with 44,123 passengers).

This year, international traffic continued to grow at Lyon-Saint exupéry (+0.4%). With 5,419,005 passengers in 2014, it represented 64% of total traffic compared to 63% in 2013. The highlights of this year with regard to European transfers include the large number of flights to Portugal (+11.2% with 302,279 passengers), Greece (+16.3% with 181,591 passengers) and Spain (+3.4% with 674,617 passengers). This boom was brought about by the development of Vueling, easyJet, and Aegean airlines which have respectively opened new routes to Malaga and Seville, Palma from Mallorca, Athens and Funchal, Heraklion. Belgium also did well (at +8.5%), as it benefitted from an increase in the number of flights provided by Brussels Airlines to Brussels. There was also an increase in routes to Ireland (+6.9%) with Aer Lingus which has seen an increase in traffic to Dublin, Wales (+5.3%) and Italy (+1.2%). Finally Croatia had an increase of +13.4% with the opening this summer, of two easyJet routes to Split and Dubrovnik. However, Germany (-10.6%) has not followed this trend, as it was still suffering the effects of Air France’s removal of their service between Dusseldorf and Stuttgart (it has now been resumed by TwintJet).  

Turkey (+8.5%) and Algeria (+7.3%) have continued to experience growth of their high levels of traffic. Tunisia has picked up again (+4.7%) after being slow over the past two years following the Arab Spring. Emirates’ link to Dubai, on the other hand has had a large increase of +26.9% compared to 2013. Due to the success of this line, the company wants to establish a daily connection (currently five times a week). Companies from the Rhône-Alpes region are looking to sign a petition to gain the traffic rights necessary to open these extra weekly transfers.  

The Top 2 national stopovers in terms of traffic are Paris CDG with 478,654 passengers and Bordeaux with 457,970 passengers. Internationally, London (512,691 passengers) had the highest traffic, followed by Frankfurt (296,412 passengers) and Barcelona (282,276 passengers).  

With regard to traffic sectors, the low-cost sector continues its development at Lyon Saint-Exupéry representing 26.2% of total traffic against 24% in 2013. The sector has had a growth of +8%. easyJet, leader in the low-cost sector continues to grow at +2.9%. Vueling and, which strengthened their offers in 2014, were up +31.4% and +69.6% respectively compared to 2013; Air Arabia, however, has decreased by -13.1% in a market which is down -0.4%. Low-cost departures from Lyon were also strengthened thanks to Wow Air, HOP!, Aegean and Jetairfly.

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