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LATAM Airlines Group and SCX Southern Climate Stock Exchange launch a new programme to neutralise CO2 emissions in Latin America

LATAM Airlines Group, the leading airline group in Latin America, and SCX, the first private climate stock exchange in the Southern Hemisphere, have launched NEUTRAVEL, the first programme in the region dedicated to offsetting CO2 emissions from corporate air travel.
NEUTRAVEL brings together leading sustainability organisations and is designed to support responsible policies for the neutralisation of CO2 emissions from business air travel through projects that conserve natural resources, generate renewable energy and other initiatives that benefit the environment and society across the region.

LATAM Airlines Group is the first airline to get involved in the programme and has been heavily involved in its development and launch together with SCX. The airline group will provide specific emission factor information on its business travel flights in an effort to support the measurement of its impact on each partner organisation’s carbon footprint.    

SCX offers a platform for measuring and verifying emissions for any business air travel, allowing its partner companies to offset their emissions by contributing to projects that work to reduce CO2 emissions.  

Emission reduction commitments from the ten companies that have initially joined the programme account for more than 17,000 tons of CO2, and in its first year, NEUTRAVEL hopes to offset 50,000 tons of CO2 (equal to the carbon captured in one year by planting more than six million native trees).   

Partner companies will neutralise emissions through investments in certified emission compensation projects, together with accredited in-house reductions. The projects covered by NEUTRAVEL include nature conservation initiatives (Amazon Forests in Peru, Valdiviana Reserve in Chile and Choco Darien in Colombia) and non-conventional renewable energy projects in Chile, including the Hornitos Centre in the V Region, and Nueva Aldea in the VIII region.  

Juan Andrés Camus, Chairman of SCX, commented “Thanks to this alliance and the strength and experience that SCX and LATAM Airlines Group brings to the programme, we will advance this initiative and provide a concrete solution to a real issue faced by companies, generating a positive impact on the environment and communities”.   

Pablo Querol, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at LAN, commented “We are very proud to have been invited by SCX to participate in an innovative Latin American programme for sustainability that offers concrete solutions.  We at LATAM Airlines Group are leaders in operating efficiency and are committed to looking after the environment.  We are constantly renewing our fleet, currently one of the youngest in the industry, and implementing practices to ensure that our daily operations are more efficient.  These policies have led to one of the lowest rates of tons of CO2 emissions per kilometre transported in the global airline industry, 15% lower than the average."  

NEUTRAVEL was designed in accordance with the most rigorous criteria and methodologies for measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and complies with IATA recommendations.  It is simple, flexible and easily implemented by participating organisations.

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