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Air Partner and Eclipse Travel fly to the Northern Lights

With the Christmas period just around the corner, Air Partner and Eclipse Travel have entered into the spirit of things early, flying 148 astronomers in a private aircraft to view the Polar lights over the North Atlantic, between the Shetland Islands and Iceland.
The 148 amateur astronomers and a camera crew made the trip on a chartered Boeing-738 to see one of the most fantastic and beautiful visible phenomena - the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. The auroral oval extends around the geomagnetic pole, which is located in the north of Greenland and extends over the north of Iceland.

The flight lasted four hours, enabling the participants to easily view and admire the lights from the airplane. The route was planned so that the aircraft was in the Faroe Islands airspace, over the North Atlantic around 22:00 local time, which is when the Aurora Borealis typically reach their greatest intensity.  

Angela Weidenbach of Eclipse Travel said: "The Northern Lights are a permanent phenomenon, but how much activity and the levels of visibility on any given night can only be predicted about 24 hours in advance. Air Partner was able to coordinate the project at short notice, enabling our guests to maximise the quality and length of viewing from the aircraft.”  

Sergei Drobjasko, Commercial Jets Manager – Europe at Air Partner commented: "We are delighted to have been involved in another extraordinary and successful charter to enable Eclipse Travel’s clients to witness the Polar lights. We are looking forward to the next flight, which is currently scheduled for some time around 14th March 2015 and is proving a popular Christmas gift at this time of year.”

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