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Successful Libya and Iraq evacuations by Aerovista and its strategic partners

The current situation in Libya and Iraq has created a great need for efficient and safe emergency evacuations. Aerovista, the Dubai based charter and leasing specialist, together with its strategic partners operated a combined total of thirteen flights within the span of one week on behalf of Air Charter Service, Air Charter International and Air Partner.

“Emergency evacuation of personnel from hostile areas is always a challenge as human lives are at stake.” said Razvan Dobre, from Air Charter International, he further commented that “the recent situation in Libya necessitated quick action from all parties concerned, including the Charterer, Aerovista and Air Charter International. This resulted in achieving the goal in a satisfactory manner – all passengers were evacuated safely”.

Together with Air Partner PLC, Aerovista evacuated 39 people out of Erbil, Iraq. Clive Chalmers, from Air Partner PLC, stressed that “in a pressured situation working to short leads times in a challenging environment, Air Partner requires trusted airline suppliers to work alongside in order to achieve client satisfaction.”

Commenting on Aerovista’s performance Mr Chalmers found that “Aerovista’s quick reactions, open communication lines, and expertise in working in these circumstances was vital in ensuring that the charter operation went smoothly, and all passengers were looked after to a high standard during the course of the flight.”

Aerovista’s partner in Turkey, Merkür Aviation, was of immense help in securing slots for evacuation flights via Istanbul. Without their valuable support these emergency evacuations, which evacuated close to 2000 people out of Libya and Iraq, may not have been possible. “Dedication and professionalism made these flights happen” said Oksana Medvedeva from Air Charter Service. The evacuation efforts were also supported by Aerovista’s specialized service providers. These evacuation flights were a true example of industry partnerships. Dmitriy Korshunov, from Aerovista, explained that “there were issues with the last minute permits which the charterers were able to solve by involving their diplomatic missions to process the applications with the relevant authorities. This team work ensured that the operations were completed by bringing passengers to safety which was our ultimate goal.”

It is during emergency evacuations and operations of a similar nature where strong industry relationships are of the utmost importance. In these trying times Aerovista and its partners worked together to bring people to safety and in the process forged even stronger partnerships. Aerovista is proud to have worked together with its partners to make these emergency evacuations possible.

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