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Heathrow opens world's first Personal Shopping Lounge in an Airport 

Heathrow Personal Shopping Lounge
Heathrow, the UK’s only hub airport, has announced the opening of the world’s first Personal Shopping Lounge in an airport. To mark the occasion, Heathrow has conducted fresh research which reveals the nation’s shopping bugbears and maps the evolution of a new wave of social media shopper.

The number of visitors to our high-street is falling with bargain hunters citing crowded stores (70 per cent), items being out of stock (51 per cent), constant queueing (42 per cent) and messy piles of clothes (37 per cent) as their most hated high-street grievances.  

In fact, we spend a whopping 24.5 days – close to a month – of our lifetime battling against other shoppers on the hunt for that perfect find, according to Heathrow’s new study.  

With passengers spending £1.8 billion per year on perfumes, clothing, scarves, sunglasses, jewellery, watches, bags and small leather goods from 140 brands, Heathrow has mined its wealth of retail insight to unearth a new breed of social media shopper. The hub airport’s new study shows that 21st Century sartorialists value social media as one of their most frequently used sources of fashion inspiration turning to Facebook (54 per cent) and Twitter (24 per cent) for style tips rather than Pinterest (22 per cent), Instagram (20 per cent) or YouTube (19 per cent).  

Ditching the traditional Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter wardrobe refresh, we also now flex our seasonal style muscles around three times a year (2.8 average) craving an added fashion fix during the long summer months and holiday period.  

Whether it’s online or in person, one thing about our changing shopping habits remains consistent, we still can’t make a purchase without asking others what they think (26 per cent).  

Fusing on and offline, Heathrow has introduced the world’s first personal shopping lounge in an airport, which is available for all passengers flying through the Heathrow, irrespective of their class of travel. Customers booking an appointment in advance can enjoy individually tailored appointments with an accredited stylist in Heathrow’s dedicated suite, all completely free of charge.  

With an expert team speaking a combined 38 languages between them, Heathrow’s international personal shopping team bring together a curated selection of products from over 400 outlets in a comfortable and private consultation suite.  

Max Vialou-Clark, Retail Director at Heathrow said, “Our shopping habits are evolving, we’re now looking for that quick fashion fix more often, more socially connected and with a more bespoke or personal feel. As a result of these trends, we’ve launched our Personal Shopping Lounge for the 73 million passengers a year that pass through our doors. Now everyone can enjoy VIP treatment, whether you’re a business traveller on the go or are just hunting for that perfect gift.”

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