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Malaysia Airlines to use Positive Boarding technology at Heathrow Airport

From today, Malaysia Airlines will use London Heathrow Airport's ‘Positive Boarding’ technology, designed to ensure that passengers get to the correct gate on time and simplify the process from check-in to boarding.
Following check-in, Malaysia Airlines’ passengers entering the Departure area at London Heathrow Airport will be required to scan their boarding pass at an automated gate. The barcode information will verify flight details and direct them to the designated boarding gate to help manage their time better.

The system also allows Malaysia Airlines to know whether passengers are airside or landside, as well as notify the airline of passengers who are unlikely to make their flights given the time it takes to go through the stringent but important airport processes of security and boarding.     

With the implementation of ‘Positive Boarding’, passengers are required to check-in for their flight no later than 45 minutes before departure time and clear security check points (located after the automatic gate) at least 35 minutes before departure time. If the system does not allow passengers to pass the automatic gate, passengers will be required to return to the Malaysia Airlines check-in counter, where staff will be on hand to provide assistance to late arrivals.  

Heathrow is the first airport to introduce this technology, which launched in T1 and T3 in summer 2013 and was introduced to T4 in September 2013.

  Malaysia Airlines flies a double daily A380 service from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur International Airport connecting to destinations across Malaysia, South East Asia and Australasia.

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