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EL AL Israel Airlines to Fly Pope Francis and entourage to Rome following Israel visit

On May 26 EL AL will operate a special flight for the Pope and his delegation flying them from Tel Aviv to Rome at the end of the papal visit to Israel. The Boeing 777 aircraft that will carry the Pope back to Rome will be adorned with the Vatican logo.

EL AL CEO David Maimon: “EL AL, the national carrier of Israel, is proud to have been chosen to serve the Pope and his entourage on this historic visit to Israel with a special flight to Rome following the Pope’s visit. We are making all the necessary arrangements to accommodate for this historic pilgrimage, including assigning a special crew of service personnel for the flight.”

EL AL is preparing to operate a special flight to carry the Pope and his entourage back to Rome following his historic visit to Israel. The Boeing 777 aircraft carrying the papal delegation will bear the Vatican logo.

The papal entourage includes 30 church officials and 70 journalists. Special crew members have been chosen to serve this flight and a special service profile is being developed to reflect the uniqueness of the flight.

EL AL, which carries thousands of pilgrims to Israel from destinations around the world, is aiming to ensure that the Pope’s visit will encourage pilgrims from all corners of the world to visit Israel.

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