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Ashfield Meetings & Events focus on the future

Ashfield Meetings & Events have welcomed a new set of UK employees into the second year of their Future Focus staff development programme.
The Future Focus programme was developed to identify individuals with the potential to fill future critical roles within Ashfield Meetings & Events. It is designed to inspire and engage the individuals and broaden their skill set across the wider business to develop insightful leaders for the future.

After the thorough application process, eight individuals were selected. Each individual is provided with the platform and tools to learn more about themselves and their learning preferences. They are then challenged to design their own learning paths that which acts as their personalised framework for their Future Focus journey.

Nicola Burns (Global Managing Director) commented on the programme: “After running this programme successfully for a year the development and progression of the inaugural group has exceeded our expectations. As a result we decided to develop it into an annual initiative. Following an assessment centre, we enlisted eight talented employees that represent a cross-section of the different roles and services within our agency. We look forward to supporting their development.”

Sarah Longland (Senior Account Manager, Training & Development) commented on the scheme: “The Future Focus programme provides individuals with the freedom to shape their own experience and learning journey, and has proved hugely effective. The success to date has encouraged and energised our recent recruits. They are motivated to not only develop and represent themselves but to act as ambassadors to the programme and build a lasting legacy within the agency. Part of their collective responsibility will include managing company-wide projects with the aim of enhancing some of our working practices to ensure we stay ahead of the current speed of change.”

The Future Focus programme forms part of the agency’s wider, award-winning, inclusive and flexible learning and development programme. It is focused on creating an employee experience, driving a consistent culture and reinforcing the agency’s values to all of its employees.

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