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Culinary baptism of fire in a world of delights

Hall Dogana DoN@cmi
Austria’s Donhauser GmbH has been the new exclusive caterer for Congress Innsbruck for only a few months. The major players from Tyrol’s business, science, politics, culture and media scenes have now also had the chance to enjoy the new gastronomic delights with a sumptuous display at the annual customer event hosted by Congress Messe Innsbruck (CMI).

The letters “DoN” towered impressively over the Congress Innsbruck lobby recently. The red carpet ran from there through a champagne garden and into several realms of delight. Around 400 representatives from the Tyrol’s business, science, politics, culture and media scenes had come along and took the opportunity to give a fitting welcome to the new exclusive caterer at Congress headquarters, Donhauser GmbH, at CMI’s annual customer event. The new caterer treated the intrigued guests to a “journey through the world of culinary delights” with its extensive culinary range.  

More than 450 employees now also at home in Innsbruck
However, before the visitors, who were clearly impressed by the lavish backdrop, were served various delicacies to the Lloyd-Webber classic “Be Our Guest” from “The Beauty and the Beast”, Congress Messe Innsbruck CEO Christian Mayerhofer was delighted to introduce the new caterer: “The complex process of finding a suitable partner to handle the diverse and challenging tasks has paid off.” The intention with the new caterer is now to complement Congress Innsbruck’s international renown with correspondingly top-quality food and drink. This is both a special honor and a challenge for Josef Donhauser: “Over 450 DoN staff are now happy to have the opportunity to feel at home in Innsbruck as well. DoN has made it its mission to create individual, made-to-order culinary delights for its customers. We want to achieve this goal in western Austria too in future, acting in a responsible, aesthetic, unconventional, and sincere way. DoN is aiming to be a flagship project in Congress Innsbruck, that is to shine beyond the borders of Tyrol.” Mayerhofer and Donhauser’s culinary trip around the world was finally opened to the sound of a collective “Be Our Guest”.  

“Improving conference and event management”
Donhauser GmbH, with its headquarters in Lower Austria and branches in Vienna, Upper Austria, and internationally won a European tender in July and will assume responsibility for catering at all future Congress Innsbruck events. Donhauser GmbH, a seasoned expert in conference catering, boasts a repertoire ranging from “das Anton”, a Gault Millau rated restaurant in the Musiktheater Linz, to experience as the largest Austrian franchisee for fast-food chain Subway. “We are very pleased to have gained such a versatile and talented caterer for Congress Innsbruck. Awarding this contract will provide a significant boost to Congress Messe Innsbruck in terms of its conference and event management activities,” says Chairman of CMI’s Supervisory Board Herbert Weissenböck, welcoming the decision.

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