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Morocco Tourism meeting the challenges of digital tourism

The Ministry of Tourism, Moroccan National Tourist Office (MNTO), and Tourist Engineering Moroccan Society (Societe Marocaine de l'Ingeniere Touristique (SMIT) - Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering) presented in Rabat this year their Digital Strategy, at a meeting chaired by Mr. Lahcen Haddad, Minister of Tourism.

According to the Tourism Observatory, 90% of tourists to Morocco reserved their accommodation on the Internet with 56% of online shopping amounting to 149 million DH - about 14 million euros.

This strategy embodies the desire of the Ministry to match the digital development strategy of the country, especially since the digital image is a tremendous lever for the country. The online presence represents a real opportunity to disseminate the advantages and diversity of the tourism offer of a new controlled way.

Indeed, with digitization, the world of the tourism industry experienced a great change in consumer behavior through strong use of digital media, with 60% of passengers buying online or $523 billion in purchasing liege.

To meet its new challenges, the Ministry of Tourism integrates its digital strategy by providing rich updated content that is web accessible and in line with current technologies. The Ministry of Tourism, MNTO, and SMIT, are part of this dynamic to grow awareness of Moroccan tourism and improve the online visibility of the destination, particularly by:
• Morocco destination of the promotion through a stronger integration of digital to strengthen e-reputation
• Dissemination of rich information on tourism products and investment opportunities
• Fluidification and operation optimization by consolidating the position of ministry in the e-administration
• Implementation of online platforms supporting the external services in their regional relay missions and offering a local service
• Establishment of communication channels for tourists, professionals, investors, and citizens

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