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Add life to corporate parties

life drawing model

Male or female models at art classes

Art Team says that life drawing of beautiful models adds greatly to the excitement of corporate end-of-year parties.
‘The majority of people would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the experience but, left to themselves, would never initiate the adventure.

‘Art Team’, continues its Director, Gordon Hickman, ‘provides everything required, including easels, drawing materials and, of course, the models. The activity can, if required, be conducted in a separate room, so that only partygoers who choose can try their hand at drawing, with guidance from Art Team.

‘The cost is just a small item within a party budget, but greatly enhances the memories taken away from the event.

‘In London, the price for life drawing with one model of either sex is only £300. For body painting, it is £1600. There are small extra charges depending on the distance of the venue from London’.

To enquire, please email Gordon Hickman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , giving details of the date, type and size of event and its location.

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