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ClueGo - Team building – But not as you know it!

ClueGo Team Building in London
ClueGo is a unique action-packed tailored ‘treasure hunt’ team building game aimed at event organisers, HR and training managers, as well as sales teams, marketing, product and PR consultants.
ClueGo specialises in providing cutting edge GPS tablet treasure hunts for corporate clients in the UK and abroad and has taken the concept of a tablet based treasure hunt and moved it towards augmented urban gaming.

An ideal choice for team building events and conference break outs, packages come with the option of bespoke content and are a great way to reinforce training and HR programmes.

A range of events can be created using ClueGo technology, from narrative led stories such as a murder mystery, spy thriller or cyber-attack to a completely bespoke challenge relating directly to a client. These challenges can range from simple text based questions to multimedia rich challenges with video characters, links to external websites, sound clips and augmented reality.

ClueGo software can be applied to any event scenario and used to enhance it with a creative and fun outdoors activity where there are no boundaries.  The app can be fully customised with branded logos and colours and include any theme – ClueGo has even provided a Breaking Bad theme previously!

Events are ideal for promoting a particular business announcement such as a product launch, new strapline or re-brand and are great for applied learning through fun experiences and creating relationships within a company.

ClueGo packages are suitable for all ages and abilities and can take place anywhere in the world as required. Events, suitable for groups of 10 to 1000 people, are planned around client schedules, can be run from client offices and are flexible on duration. Multiple events can be run on the same day and the same event can be run for teams in different locations around the globe in the same time zone – ideal for businesses with global offices.

The ClueGo app is designed to create tailor made scenarios with branded content and can also be used to provide measured learning outcomes too, ideal for training programmes.

ClueGo events can be totally bespoke if required, giving a platform for delegates to learn, build relationships and ultimately have a great day out of the office.

James Carruthers, Managing Director of ClueGo said: “We are constantly improving our tablet treasure hunts to provide an extremely interactive, enjoyable event that is cutting edge and very different from other team building days. The best part of the job is watching people get really involved with the activities, getting in touch with their creative sides and thinking outside the box.” The iPads and app provide an easy to use platform designed for users of all abilities to understand. With the use of GPS tablet technology, the app includes a selection of challenges based at ‘Hot Spots’ which are only activated once delegates arrive within 20 metres of the location.

“This is a great way to give the tasks an element of surprise as the players will not know what to expect until they stumble across the hot spot. These challenges can include multiple choice questions related to landmarks, or photographic and video challenges that must be sent back to HQ for scoring. The whole concept is ideal not only for team building but experiential marketing and brand building too,” James concludes.

ClueGo is available in several different formats from Go Urban, the most popular event which sees teams hunting around inner cities, to Go Mini featuring retro Mini Coopers, to Go Posh for those who prefer the luxury of limousines and Go Boat, a mixture of fast paced clue finding on land with the added extreme fun factor of racing up and down the Thames on a rib provided by ClueGo partners Thames Rockets Limited. There’s even Go Ultimate combining land, cars and helicopters!

Prices start from £35pp + VAT

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