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The Global Travel Group puts agents in the picture with new image library

Agents can now make use of over 650,000 royalty-free photos, thanks to a new initiative from The Global Travel Group.
The travel consortium has developed an intuitive bank of enticing global imagery which agents are free to download, modify and use to suit their individual marketing needs, from in-store displays to social media.

Available to all Global members via the travel group’s Horizon intranet system and accessible on desktop as well as mobile devices, agents now have the perfect pictures at their fingertips to help them be competitive in the marketplace, wherever and whenever they need them.

The Global Image Bank’s advanced search function allows users to track down everything from black and white beach photos to specific artefacts, making it even simpler to source their ideal images, and will be complemented by a treasure-trove of stock videos from the end of August 2016.

Andy Stark, managing director, The Global Travel Group said: “We know that licensing issues around traditional stock photography can prove a real headache when you’re an independent travel agent. By making such a large quantity of high quality pictures available to our members we’ve made it easy for agents to arm themselves with all the visual tools they need to influence potential customers and grow their business. All without letting copyright worries get in their way.”

The initiative comes hot on the heels of Global Travel Group’s recently launched ‘how to’ video tutorials, designed to equip travel agents with all the tools they need to succeed.

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