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Green Tomato Cars celebrates 10th Birthday by launching new hybrid private hire service

Green Tomato Cars Toyota Prius
Greentomatocars, London’s memorable and original green car service, is celebrating its 10th birthday by launching a new service with more hybrid vehicles and lower prices.  
From today, greentomatocars’ two Prius services are being combined under one name: ‘Hybrid’, giving customers access to a bigger fleet in one place. In addition, a special promotion during August for customers choosing the Hybrid service via the app or web, will give 35% savings off all ASAP journeys.  Drivers will receive 100% of ASAP fares, with the cost of the price reduction being carried by greentomatocars.

For the new ASAP Hybrid service, journey pricing will be based on distance travelled and journey time which better reflects the traffic conditions, which means the customer pays for the service used and the driver earns for the service given.  The greentomatocars pre-book service will continue offering fixed prices for those wanting more control over their travel arrangements.

Julia Thomas, Managing Director of greentomatocars commented: “Our drivers are the essential part of our successful operation and offer a great service to our customers.  We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with them and it is imperative for us that both they and our customers have the best deal we can give them. Earlier this year we set up a new driver services team and our new recruitment and training programme, which together with our telematics tool, enable us to work alongside drivers to show the great care we take in giving the best quality service we can to our passengers.”

Julia continues, “Hybrid is just what it says and is part of greentomatocars keeping its green roots and core values. We want to grow a quality product that gives customers a great experience and creates a business our staff and drivers are proud of and that makes them want to go the extra mile. We are improving every day and our new service is an essential part of our future.

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