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Digital transformation in the event industry — Hype or real benefit?

XING Events starts online survey among Organisers and Attendees

Today, XING Events, the experts in attendee man-agement and event marketing, start their large-scale online survey among organisers and attendees about digitalisation in the event industry.
How does digital transformation manifest itself on the event market? Where does the industry stand at present, and what changes are expected in the near future?

Which opportunities and challenges relating to digital transformation do organisers anticipate, and how are event visitors perceiving this development?

Digital transformation entails various changes in existing business models and structures in the event industry. How these changes are perceived as an opportunity and what challenges arise are two of the questions asked in XING Events’ survey among organisers and visitors of business events. A par-ticularly interesting aspect will be comparing the organisers’ and visitors’ perspective on the topic.

In addition to the survey results, and using best practice examples, XING Events will provide rec-ommendations for event organisers to show how they can benefit from digital transformation.

Link to the survey:
For organisers:
For attendees:

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