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Seoul launches new Discover Seoul Pass Tourist Card

Discover Seoul Pass Tourist Card
The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization have launched a new sightseeing and transportation card for foreign tourists. The new Discover Seoul Pass is a one day pass for foreign tourists allowing entry to 16 of some of Seoul’s top attractions including the royal palaces, museums, and other interactive attractions.

The Discover Seoul Pass, launched on July 29th, is valid for 24 hours with activation beginning from entry of the first tourist attraction. Within the given time pass holders can visit any of the participating 16 attractions in any order except for re-admittance to an attraction already visited with the pass

The pass also functions as a Tmoney public transportation card which can be used on Seoul’s subways, buses, taxis, and even certain convenience and retail stores where Tmoney cards are accepted. The Tmoney function on the pass never expires so tourists can continue to use the card for its Tmoney function on future trips to Korea. Additional benefits for pass holders include discounts up to 20% on Seoul City Tour Bus tickets with discounts varying depending on the course.

Tourism data on Seoul’s most visited and best rated sites from the global tourism website TripAdvisor was analyzed to select the attractions for the Discover Seoul Pass. The full list of attractions are:
• Seoul History (6): Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace,  Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine, Seodaemun Prison History Museum
• Seoul Culture (3): Leeum, Samsung Art Museum, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (MMCA Seoul), Museum Kimchikan
• Seoul Experience (7): N Seoul Tower Observatory Deck, MBC World, K-live Dongdaemun, Trick Eye Museum, Grevin Museum, Alive Museum, and the Figure Museum W.  

Sold at a retail price of 39,900 Won, the Discover Seoul Pass allows holders to save as much as 70% of the total 152,000 Won regular cost if one were to visit all 16 attractions on their own. The pass can be purchased at Incheon International Airport at the airport’s KEB Hana Bank currency exchange booths and bank location as well as the airport’s CU convenience stores. In Seoul, the pass is purchasable at the Myeong-dong Tourism Information Center and the Seoul City Tour Bus ticket booths in Gwanghwamun and Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The pass can also be pre-purchased online at and collected at the Myeong-dong Tourism Information Center in Seoul.  

In conjunction with the pass, an official mobile application, The Discover Seoul Pass App, which can be linked with the pass holder’s card. The app can operate in five languages and includes detailed description about each attraction, contact information, maps, and a timer clock showing the remaining time on the pass.  

The idea for the Discover Seoul Pass came from a submission of a public citizen for a tourism start-up project contest that was held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in March. The idea was then further developed by a collaboration between start-ups, the Seoul Tourism Organization, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.  

Kim Byung-Tae, CEO and president of the Seoul Tourism Organization expressed his enthusiasm for the pass saying, “The Discover Seoul pass, unlike any other tourism passes available to date, is centered around catering to the convenience and utility of the pass for potential users. The pass was designed for independent travelers to experience tourist attractions inexpensively and conveniently. Since 75% of all tourists are independent travelers, the pass can greatly increase both tourist satisfaction and hopefully the number of return visitors to Seoul.”

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