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Avis Car Rental UK introduces new technologies to make travelling easier

Avis Car Rental UK has launched Pronto, new tablet-based software which they predict will reduce airport waiting times at Avis locations by up to 21%.  
Pronto forms part of Avis’ commitment to removing travel issues as we enter peak holiday season. Thanks to the innovation, Avis staff can walk through the lines serving customers before they even reach the rental desk, reducing queuing times and allowing drivers to get on their way faster. 

Available at more than 60 Avis locations across Europe, including key airport and train stations, Pronto provides welcome additional support, especially on busy days during high season.  

Says Michael Bond, consumer behaviour expert: “When it comes to holidays, we very much like to be in the driving seat – according to Avis Untrending Research, May 2016, a quarter of those in the UK spend lots of time researching their trip before they leave, to avoid unnecessary stress. After all that careful planning, queuing is the last thing we want to do at the beginning of a holiday. Anything that can make the process quicker and smoother will certainly enable the traveller to deal with any delays or hitches down the line.”  

Mark Servodidio, President, International, Avis Budget Group, said: “Holidays are meant to be an enjoyable, relaxing and stress free time.  It’s impossible to control all delays and waiting times to and from, and at the destination, however.  That’s why we’ve set out to make the car rental portion of the trip as stress-free as possible.”  

Continuing to concentrate on making travelling easier, Avis is increasingly focusing on introducing new technologies across Europe.  

Recent research from Avis suggests that 60 percent of car renters are concerned about damaging the car. With this in mind, Avis has invested in new mobile technology that produces 360 degree images of the vehicle, pre- and post-rental. This allows customers to have a photographic record of their vehicle.   

Avis has also strengthened its offer at London Heathrow, where they will text customers to update them as soon as it is known that their flight is delayed and reassure them that they will remain open until the customer arrives.  

Avis also offers the Avis Preferred loyalty card, which provides customers with a variety of benefits. From exclusive access to our newest vehicles and pre-prepared rental paperwork, to cars parked in the most convenient spaces and fast-track service at the counter, the card will bolster an already premium offering.

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