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Grey Fleet is a big unseen risk to employers

Andrew Franklin – Director, Public Sector at Europcar responds to the BVRLA
‘Grey Fleet’ Report

Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, supported the research by the BVRLA into grey fleet usage by UK workers. 
Commenting on the report, published today, Andrew Franklin - Director, Public Sector at Europcar said: “The BVRLA report provides a shocking insight into the use of grey fleet – people’s own vehicles – by employers across the UK.

"According to the report 1.5 billion miles per annum are driven in grey fleet vehicles in the public sector alone.  For many of these miles, there is no cost or safety control.  It is, literally, an accident waiting to happen.  Yet the solutions are out there for employers – with the potential to save millions as well as contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

“Many organisations scaled back their fleets during the recession, and this undoubtedly contributed to the increase in grey fleet usage which presents some real challenges when it comes to Duty of Care. With some of the oldest cars on UK roads averaging over 8.2 years old*, the risks for employees using their own vehicles are greater, from breaking down to driving unroadworthy vehicles. 

“Of course, the other challenge for organisations with employees using their own vehicles is control on cost.  Often the pence per mile rate paid out to employees via expenses can be well in excess of the cost of a hire car for the day.  Environmental issues are a factor too, where employees are using their own cars as these typically older vehicles are more likely to have higher CO2 emissions. 

“At Europcar we are providing businesses with a range of solutions for employee mobility, and our majority shareholdings in Ubeeqo and E-Car Club underline this focus. It’s all about choice, and that includes choice for employees.  They need to be assured that an alternative to driving their own vehicle is not going to be less convenient or impact on their productivity.  The fact that we run a young fleet is good news too with the technology advances of the latest models addressing emission concerns. 

“Europcar’s majority shareholding in E-Car Club also means we can offer employers access to electric vehicles (EVs) alongside petrol, diesel and hybrid fuel options, with a unique and market leading EV booking system which reduces under-utilisation risk, minimises charging time and maximises availability.  Ubeeqo provides organisations with the ‘car pool’ concept offering dedicated car sharing vehicles for their employees which reduces cost as well as the impact on the environment.

“The BVRLA report is likely to be sobering for many employers – but the reality is that solutions are available.  And they don’t have to mean compromise on employee productivity and efficiency.”

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