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Art classes add Life to a leisure programme

Art Team life model

Art Team gives further details of its services

Art Team has revealed further details of its new service that is aimed at adding interest to a leisure or incentive programme. It is the brainchild of Gordon Hickman who is aware of the expanding interest in life drawing classes.

‘Nowadays there is a growing and accepted interest’, he maintains, ‘in the beauty of the human form and there are fewer hang-ups about it.

Men and women of all ages are joining art classes to have the opportunity to draw the human form from life. Delegates will be grateful to organisers of conferences and corporate group events for the chance to enjoy this activity, which will probably be a first for most of them.

‘We can provide both male and female models in a very discreet and modest manner. We can also ensure that all the necessary art materials are to hand with advice from artists on the way to create an artistic rendering of the model on paper. A further option is body painting, whereby the nude body serves as the canvas on which to be artistically creative.

‘From then on, newcomers to the art can follow this up by joining local classes to continue the interest. I can see the events sector introducing a new interest that could lead to an expansion of artistic expression in the community’.

Art Team can provide bona fide interested event organisers with a link to a site with images of some of his models who are experienced in posing professionally for art classes.

To enquire, please email Gordon Hickman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , giving details of the date, type and size of event and its location. He can then provide the link and quotations for each event.

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