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AIM Group International announces record 2015

"I am very proud of you!" With these words, Gianluca Buongiorno, President of AIM Group International, opened the Group’s annual convention in Milan on June 21 to 22.  The meeting pulled together team members of the Group plus the foreign offices to discuss challenges in the coming years.

After long applause, Gianluca Buongiorno presented, with great satisfaction, the closing figures for 2015: a turnover of 114 million with an EBITDA of 4 million euro. This confirms AIM Group International’s commitment to paths of growth and development. It shows the Group as a major "made in Italy" player worldwide. With 3,000 events a year (an average of 8 events per day), a team of 380 employees with 41% under the age of 35 and a total of 2,312 years of experience, the Group enjoys constant growth.

Gianluca Scavo, Managing Director of AIM Group International presented the business plan to year 2019, anticipating a projected 25% growth. The keys to this growth are diversification, efficiency of operations and processes and, above all, flexibility and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing market.

The meeting was a wonderful opportunity for training by bringing prominent speakers to fuel the two-day program, providing giving new ideas for our team.

Several issues were addressed: how to approach the future as protagonists, what are the new skills needed to make a difference in an increasingly complex world and how sales can revitalise the relationship with the client by setting up the possibility of repeat business, digital communication, virality and public speaking. Our time together also contained moments of strong emotion and motivation providing insights into the importance of cultural differences and the ability to realise one’s dreams.

Finally, team building was explored by looking at a new way of doing business, the Jugaad innovation. This concept, developed in India, has become synonymous with frugality stemming from the practice of "doing more with less" and transforming obstacles into opportunities.

"We love what we do and we have a very strong team in place. In the last three years we have worked towards a future for the company that is worthy of its past and we intend to continue with determination in this direction", concluded Gianluca Buongiorno at the end of the meeting. It was a meeting to embrace our achievements and to inspire. We are ready to take on new challenges, to provide clients with all-inclusive service, not only for logistics but also through consulting,  to grow together with a strong focus on innovation, training resources and talents.

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