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Hospitality sector well-placed to remain robust during the Brexit period, comments John Brennan, CEO of Amaris Hospitality

Following news that the UK has voted to leave Europe, John Brennan, CEO of Amaris Hospitality - one of the U.K. and Ireland's largest hotel investment and hospitality Groups comments:  
"We are now entering a period of uncertainly as Britain prepares the ground for exit. While the negotiation period could have an affect on the markets overall in the short-term, the hospitality sector is well-placed to remain robust during this period.

"International tourism is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the UK economy as disposable incomes increase around the world. With sterling weakening on this news, the rest of the world will get more pounds for their currency, making the UK a cheaper destination to visit, and conversely making it expensive for Britons going abroad.  

"We would, however, encourage government to provide clarity on the exit process and address the areas of uncertainty prompted by this decision as soon as possible."

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