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Business travellers are booking it safe

Data published today by the GTMC - the industry body for the UK’s business travel sector – shows that chain hotels are the preferred option for accommodation for the majority of today’s business travellers.
The survey of over 1,000 business travellers, prepared by HRS Global Hotel Solutions and conducted by AudienceNet, revealed that 75 per cent stated that they would prefer the safety of a chain hotel. This is compared to only two per cent of business travellers who would opt for a rented room or home via a sharing website.

A number of those surveyed stated that not only do they feel safer in a hotel but they know what to expect in terms of service and facilities.
This is compared to the fear of the unknown attached to room and home shares.  Brand loyalty and the reassurance of a certain standard of accommodation are also guiding factors in confirming hotels as the preferred choice

The key factors in determining where to stay were identified as follows:
• Location – 71%
• Price – 55%
• Ease of booking – 53%
• Safety considerations – 49%
• Facilities – 47%

A quarter (24 per cent) of those taking between one and three trips per year and a further 26 per cent of those taking between four and six trips per year opted for mid-range hotels.  21 per cent of those taking one to three trips per year chose to stay at luxury hotels, compared to 24 per cent opting for budget accommodation.

In terms of travel policy nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of business travellers have a booking policy for accommodation. Nearly half (45 per cent) are permitted to book directly with a hotel, whilst just over a quarter (27 per cent) are permitted to book via an external travel management company.

Connectivity is key with complimentary wifi listed as the most important facility (96 per cent), followed by sufficient power sockets (95 per cent), breakfast (94 per cent) and suitable work or desk area (89 per cent).

Paul Wait, chief executive, the GTMC, comments: “For today’s business travellers it is peace of mind in terms of facilities and traveller safety that mean hotels continue to hold the trump card when attracting the corporate market, despite the ever-increasing popularity of the sharing economy. Whilst shared homes might be able to compete on price and location there is the ongoing issue of safety and connectivity. With both guaranteed at hotels, business travellers and company owners are assured of the facilities in place for effective working and more efficient business travel.”   

The GTMC’s member companies account for over 80 per cent of all UK expenditure on managed business travel and the quarterly survey monitors a range of services and highlights trends in the business travel sector.

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