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KDM launches adrenaline-fuelled team building games

Outdoor Adventure teambuilding particpants
Team engagement and conferencing specialist KDM Events has launched two outdoor team building activities inspired by iconic screen culture. The Hungry Games, puts teams in the world of arena survival and Crystal Mazed transports participants to Aztec, Medieval, and Futuristic zones to complete themed challenges.

KDM Commercial Director Nicky Whyman said “Our clients have shown a surge of interest in adventure and survival activities, undoubtedly fuelled by what people are watching on-screen. The Hunger Games and The Crystal Maze are typical of what has captured the public’s imagination and these provide fantastic scope for interpretation as team challenges.

“Obviously adrenalin-fuelled physical activities provide the perfect counter-balance to intensive business sessions – either office-based or within a conference context - and we’ve designed these games to hone agility, ingenuity and leadership skills within a team.”

Participants in The Hungry Games are challenged to muster their target, combat and bush survival skills. Each team will compete in a live archery combat played with specially- designed bows, facemasks and patented foam-tipped arrows.

Teams earn points to spend on their choice of equipment and instructions for constructing a camp. In order to triumph for their ‘district’, teams must assemble the best camp possible, complete with waterproof shelters, live fires and eating utensils.

Crystal Mazed contestants complete four themed challenges in each of three time-zones. With intriguing titles ranging from Chemical Imbalance to Xocolatl Pot, each challenge will incorporate a mental, physical or specific skill slant, requiring either a nominated player or the entire team to take part. Teams will earn as many crystal rocks as possible to trade for time in a frantic finale.

“Bookings are stacking-up for the Summer season” added Whyman “And a lot of them are going to be spent outdoors. Our Event Managers are very excited”.

The shorter of the two games, Crystal Mazed, can be played in 150-180 minutes by between 10 and 300 participants, while Hungry Games has been designed for groups of 12-80 participants, lasting between 2.5 and 5 hours. Both are ideal for flat, grassy spaces.

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