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HGA standardises event emergency preparedness plan for DMC members

Hosts Global Alliance (HGA) is leading the charge in the hospitality industry by bringing the importance of event emergency preparedness to the forefront as they offer a standardized Emergency Preparedness Plan for all HGA DMC members.

In recent years, it has become more and more apparent that emergencies can happen at any time. From environmental issues to terror scares, the possibility of something interrupting the management of a program or event has become even greater in the current landscape than it has ever been. 

Because of this, HGA has taken a proactive role in emergency preparedness, providing all of their DMC members with planning tools and solutions to create emergency response plans that allow for safety, communication, and business continuation. HGA has worked for many months to develop templates for DMC members and are delighted to bring this added value to their DMC members, clients, and the meetings industry. The issues and concerns of emergency preparedness continue to rise to the top of trends in the meetings industry and this strategic initiative creates common language, processes, and communications that need to occur to allow for effective leadership in the event of an emergency.

Marty MacKay, DMCP, President of HGA, explains, “Emergency preparedness is a serious concern in the present event marketplace, and our job as an Alliance is to ensure that our clients and DMCs are having the necessary conversations while planning their programs. While typically those conversations pertain to décor, tours, and event management, they also need to include having a preset plan in the event of an emergency. All too often emergencies are not thought of until they happen.  As DMCs, an important value we provide our clients is risk avoidance or mitigation, and HGA has taken the lead to ensure that our portfolio of DMCs have a comprehensive plan in the event of an emergency.”

The globally standardized HGA Emergency Preparedness Plan includes details on the procedures to follow in the event of a crisis, emergency, or incident during a program. Additionally, it outlines how to safeguard against and handle any cybersecurity issues that may arise throughout an event. HGA has set the bar with the highest standards in destination management, making no exceptions with its proactive emergency planning at a time when it’s most needed by clients.

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