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HRG Consulting launches HRG OptiView  

With the launch of HRG OptiView, corporate travel managers can improve the performance of their travel programmes with a return on investment that is clearly measurable. Released today by HRG Consulting, HRG OptiView takes benchmarking results to a new level, enabling clients to make more informed decisions, and drive increased benefit from their travel programmes.

Daniel Raine, Global Director of Consulting at HRG comments: “There is a lot of debate about benchmarking in our industry.  Every travel manager wants to know how their travel programme compares to their peers.  But what does the benchmarking data that is available in the market today actually demonstrate or for that matter what does it help the client to do?  In real terms, very little other than another set of statistical data that means very little in isolation.”   

“With HRG OptiView we are able to provide a different, approach to benchmarking.   Rather than focussing on tactical fare benchmarking, HRG OptiView takes a strategic approach and benchmarks the entire programme against the industry and a client’s peer group to identify gaps. We can then help improve the programmes performance with a clearly defined business plan leading to a measurable return on investment.”

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