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Tahiti Tourisme introduces 'Embraced by Mana'

The Islands of Tahiti
Tahiti Tourisme is delighted to introduce its new global brand messaging, encompassing the theme ‘Embraced by Mana’. The concept honours The Islands of Tahiti, celebrating the destination’s iconic beauty and unique culture.

In Tahiti, ‘Mana’ is renowned as the life-force that connects all living things, a spirit of Polynesia that surrounds us and can be touched, tasted and felt.  From the moment a visitor arrives to The Islands, and are warmly welcomed by the hospitable locals, the concept of Mana will be understood. 

There are many sides and experiences to be found on The Islands of Tahiti, the idyllic setting in the southeast Pacific Ocean covering an area of over four million square kilometres and comprised of 118 islands spread over five large archipelagos, and yet they are all connected by Mana.   

‘Embraced by Mana’ seeks to promote a deeper connection to the Islands and invites travellers to seek out authentic, lesser-known experiences. A backdrop of outstanding natural beauty and a range of diverse activities combine to create unforgettable experiences for discerning explorers.

Take pleasure in the joy of nature, as The Islands of Tahiti is surrounded by an abundance of tropical sea life and coral reefs waiting to be explored. With the turquoise blue water and lush green vegetation alive with flora and fauna, the natural beauty of Tahiti is two-fold and an explosion of colours to delight the senses.  Locals are eager to engage with visitors and share the treasured traditions including dance, singing, parades, arts and crafts, fishing, and sports and sampling fresh local delicacies. This is particularly true during events including the ‪‎Heiva I Tahiti‬ ‪Festival‬, which takes place annually in July.


Feel connected to land and sea in the locally invented over-water bungalows where the tropical water is quite literally on the doorstep. Overwater bungalows are Tahiti’s signature accommodation, and provide an incredibly memorable experience. From the outrigger canoe breakfast deliveries to the glass coffee tables that allow for fish viewing from the living room, it’s a hotel room beyond the ordinary. Alternatively, sample an authentic experience and take in the beauty, romance and culture of The Islands of Tahiti through family pensions or self-catered villas which provide a unique insight into local life. 

With the turquoise waters set against the dramatic forest covered mountains, it is impossible not to feel awe in The Islands of Tahiti, a feeling that can only be described as Mana.

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