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“The Conference, The Hague”: The Hague Convention Bureau launches new brand identity

The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB) launches its new brand identity, supporting the newly-developed strategic route for the upcoming 5 years with the main goal of The Hague becoming one of the world’s top 50 event destinations. THCB will work towards The Hague becoming the second city in The Netherlands when it comes to hosting international meetings and conferences.

The Hague has a unique reputation and heritage as the International City of Peace and Justice, which provides a meaningful place where organisations can meet, share knowledge and make progress. The new brand identity builds on this international knowledge infrastructure, by facilitating connections and interaction to enrich the congresses and meetings brought to the city. The Hague is a place where international research, expertise and action in various fields come together. The city has enormous human and intellectual capital, much of it contained within the many leading public and private organisations based here. This makes The Hague a global hub for sectors including Peace & Justice, Finance & Legal, Information & Technology, Energy & Renewables, and Security.

The new THCB brand identity – a complete transformation in terms of visual representation and messaging – underpins the city’s sharp focus on these sectors and translates it into the domain of conferences and meetings. THCB will focus on delivering measurable outcomes for organisations, their people and stakeholders.

“The Hague is uniquely positioned to host high-profile events,” said Mr. Karsten Klein, deputy mayor of The Hague.

“Home to numerous international industries and institutions, R&D centres and educational establishments, the city is a true knowledge hub and an excellent foundation for progress-oriented discussions. The city offers a wide range of up-to-date congress venues, hotels and other supporting facilities.”

THCB’s new brand identity and the city’s unique positioning is encapsulated in the sign-off “The Conference, The Hague”.

“The Hague stands out as a city name because of its prefix – ‘The’.” said Michael Wallis, creative director of branding agency Corke Wallis. “The brand concept uses this to underline the unique strengths that make The Hague a contemporary, global event destination.”

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