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DIGICARE - the First Euroseminar to Face the Digital Revolution in Healthcare

AIM Group International, in partnership with vanGoGh and Glocal Solutions, organizes the first Euroseminar focused on Digital Healthcare in Europe

The digital revolution is radically changing the healthcare industry. The widespread availability of new tools and digital solutions is impacting how European citizens live and handle their social and healthcare options.
A recent (2014) Eurobarometer survey showed that 6 out of 10 Europeans use the Internet for obtaining their health information. At the same time, governments, institutions, medical associations and healthcare providers are trying to find a way to manage and facilitate the effects of these new tools and technology on their professional lives and, of course, on the lives of their patients.

In order to address this global change, AIM Group International is organizing DIGICARE, the first Euroseminar focused on Digital Healthcare in Europe. The Event is organized by AIM Group International in partnership with vanGoGh and Glocal Solutions, international private players working in the area of Life Science Events/Congress, Association Management and Digital Communication.

The DIGICARE Euroseminar, taking place on April 12, 2016 in Brussels, aims at gathering all relevant stakeholders involved in the growth and development of this new approach in healthcare. The event will provide an intersection to discuss key “hot topics” that will involve the key stakeholders in the near future and bring together different interests around the huge potential use of digital power to improve the healthcare of European citizens and future patients.

The Seminar will be the first to set the stage to becoming an annual occasion where different stakeholders will come to the table. For this first year, it will be strictly limited to the first 100 attendees that confirm their participation by registering at This event is included in the EU Commission Agenda for 2016 and will feature prominent speakers.  

The DIGICARE Euroseminar is hoped to become one of the most important yearly meeting places for those who are interested in digital healthcare development.  

The DIGICARE Euroseminar is just one of the projects organized by AIM Group International, in order to stand as a strategic partner for its clients, helping them to keep pace with global transformations and changes in the business world.

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