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tfconnect announces launch of 'tfconnect Data Insights' in partnership with data specialist - Insight Stream

The new brand, tfconnect Data Insights, sees tfconnect MD, Trevor Foley renewing a working relationship with data expert Gary Selby - the pair worked together nearly 20 years ago in the data sector.

Gary Selby spoke at the UFI / tfconnect Global CEO Summit last year which sparked a great deal of interest among participants and led to many high level meetings.
The partnership will specialise in working with the masses of BIG data collected by events businesses - not only data improvement and management, but also as a consultancy to help turn data into actionable business strategy.

Gary Selby CEO at Insight Stream said, “The answers to most business questions exist within the data; the customer, the attendee, the market place. Few businesses properly understand that – and fewer still have the ability to get to the answers. Far too often it is assumed that if the IT department has a new ‘bit of kit’ then they must surely be able to use data properly. Not so. For example;  

One of the key elements of data strategy that we are able to provide is a ‘real world’ view of an organization’s customers rather than just a view based on internal relationships with them. The ‘real world’ view looks at such issues as the business size, its industry segment, its structure, its growth/ performance, etc. The internal view is based on the trading relationship; what they buy, when etc.

The combination of external and internal is incredibly revealing. For instance, two customers who trade with us equally, we treat the same. One is a small solus business, the other is a multinational - clearly they require different levels of engagement based on need and potential. This knowledge also shapes and drives the new customer identification and recruitment activity.”

Trevor Foley added "Data sits alongside Talent as the dual key issues facing the events industry today. I'm confident that this partnership will not only provide the guidance, but the action that industry players need to make sense of their data and turn it into both insight and revenue.”

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