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Sundial Group reports a 20% swing from day meetings to residential

Sundial Group has reported a reversal of previous booking patterns, with a 20% swing in bookings from day events to longer residential meetings. This is in stark contrast to an eight year trend of increasing demand for day meetings.

Comparative booking patterns between 2015 and 2016 at Sundial’s three venues; Highgate House, Barnett Hill and Woodside, indicate that meeting planners are moving back to holding extended events, often adding private dining and team building, to enhance their meeting experiences.

Tim Chudley, Managing Director of Sundial Group believes that meeting planners aren’t just looking for longer meetings; they’re looking for more meaningful ones and environment matters now more than ever.

Chudley said: “Taking delegates away from the city and from the distractions of the workplace into more natural settings is often the first step in generating receptive thought and creativity and helps to deliver longer-lasting, more impactful results. Whilst some elements of day meetings can be replaced by technology the real value of face to face comes from a more immersive experience.  It’s great to see this on the increase.”

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