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Arab Organizers Company joins IAPCO

IAPCO has welcomed their most recent new member, and a new country, into membership, bringing the total members to 120 from now 41 countries.       
Arab Organizers Company, is a PCO company based in Amman, Jordan.    Established in 1997, Toujan Saqqa, General Manager, who heads up a team of 16 full-time staff, has led the company from the outset, and has been keen to pursue both the education and quality brands of IAPCO.  .

Asked why she wanted to join IAPCO, Toujan commented that it would bring added value to the company, but more importantly "being certified by IAPCO will keep us updated and improve our knowledge in the industry".  AOC has an outstanding reputation in the region, whose mission is "to organise professional events that will increase revenue and positive publicity for clients through open communications, teamwork and innovative organisation".  

"We are highly pleased that Arab Organizers reached the standards required of IAPCO to be able to become a member", said Michel Neijmann, IAPCO President, "We first met Toujan when she attended the Wolfsberg Seminar, proving her commitment to education and training.   But it is not only about education and quality, we expect members to be active and to undertake duties within the Association and within the industry.   Our members are expected to honour the Code of Conduct and embrace our Core Values.
• Get Involved - Be Extra-Ordinary - Proud of Our Profession
• Uphold the Trust - Set the Benchmark - Because Learning Matters
.. and we have every confidence that Toujan and her team will be doing just that."

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