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Unconventional Speakers launches

Luke Jermay
A brand new speaker agency has been launched targeting event organisers looking for unique and compelling content that’s not just informative but is also delivered to the audience by entertaining and charismatic speakers.
Unconventional Speakers, a unique speaker bureau of mavericks and misfits, is the brain-child of award winning speaker and magician Peter Wardell.

Wardell has been presenting and performing to conference and exhibition business audiences for over 20 years. After his early career as one of London’s most prolific street entertainers and then graduating to an indoor stage magicians, Wardell has spent the last decade taking that skill set to the corporate world, divulging the business insight he has learnt from his unique beginnings.

With an eclectic mix of well-known speakers, including hypnotist James Brown, magician Peter Clifford, mentalist Luke Jermay, sword swallower Miss Behave and cabaret performer Matt Ricardo, the distinctive agency has already gathered a number of private bookings. The agency has access to hundreds of equally unique performers and thinkers, allowing the agency to tailor the presenter and message to the organisers audience.

“Our performers have a unique and unusual view of life and the way we people behave in this world,” commented Peter Wardell, founder of Unconventional Speakers. “We see the world thought a different lens. We’re delighted to be bringing out insights and experiences to a corporate audience with Unconventional Speakers.”

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