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Ashfield Meetings & Events launches Future Focus programme

Ashfield Meetings & Events Future Focus programme participants
Ashfield Meetings & Events recently launched Future Focus, a two-year employee development programme.
Future Focus will expose individuals to different areas of the business to give them a broader scope of experience in order to develop their skills and prepare them for the next stage of their careers. The agency aims to create well-rounded individuals with a wider understanding of the business as a whole.

After a thorough application process and two internal assessment centres, 18 individuals were selected. Each have been given a bespoke personal development plan which will act as a framework for their Future Focus journey.

Nicola Burns (Global Managing Director) commented on the new programme: “We recognise that we have hard working, talented staff in-house that we need to give the opportunity to develop and grow with the business. Ultimately we are succession planning to create an experienced senior team of the future.”

During the programme, participants will have six modules to complete which are designed to allow the participant to assess themselves and their skills in order to identify areas of improvement. Future Focus will provide training and techniques that will enable individuals to develop these areas, helping them to progress within their roles and giving them valuable experience and knowledge.

Sarah Longland (Senior Account Manager, Training & Development) commented on the scheme: “We want our employees to see that they can achieve their career aspirations and broaden their experience through our global organisation. By implementing a high performers’ programme, our employees can visualise this and see it is obtainable. We also want to inspire our entire employee base by showing that the company is investing in employee development and future growth through its employees. We are also investing in a new performance management review process to ensure that all employees know that their development is fundamental to the business and so that they can see the opportunities available to them. We will be replicating Future Focus in the US with assessments taking place in December.”

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