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Singapore Tourism Board launches new ‘Singapore Invites’ campaign, celebrating shared experience

‘Singapore Invites’ is a new initiative launched by the Singapore Tourism Board which calls for Singaporeans and global citizens to share personal stories of Singapore to win an experience to reunite friends and family.  
This campaign is inspired by the cosmopolitan nature of Singapore which has seen Singaporeans and visitors establish and nurture relationships there that traverse cultural and geographic boundaries. ‘Singapore Invites’ aims to celebrate relationships forged both on and off the island, and to showcase personal stories related to Singapore.

Providing a platform to share these shared experiences, ‘Singapore Invites’ asks anyone who has a story to share about their relationships and a vivid anecdote about a slice of Singapore – whether based in Singapore or otherwise – to enter for a chance to win a trip to Singapore with and for their loved ones. Entrants simply have to share a photo of an experience they would like to share with an invitee on Instagram and hashtag it with their country of residence (e.g. #UnitedKingdom) and #singaporeinvites. Alternatively, entries can be submitted via The contest period runs from 18 October to 6 December.  

The Singapore Tourism Board in the UK will also be arranging a Twitter chat between two leading UK bloggers to raise awareness of this campaign in the UK and start exciting conversations about Singapore as a destination. To get all the latest updates on this, follow @YourSingaporeUK.  

The “Singapore Invites” initiative is inspired by real stories of today’s cosmopolitan relationships.  In the lead up to this project, Singapore Tourism Board unearthed many heart-warming stories including an unlikely friendship that a Singaporean couple formed with an American couple on social media, thanks to their shared love of dance.  

Marcus and Rachel from Singapore invited Americans, Michael and Kat, to Singapore where they shared home-cooked Peranakan food and street-danced in all of Singapore’s best underground spaces. For the American couple, their first Singapore experience was a cherished one. Though both were glad to see Singapore’s dance culture celebrated and embraced, Michael said: “You could feel that it’s the people that makes it so special.” Both couples remain close friends despite their geographical boundaries and Marcus and Rachel have now established a flourishing dance studio in Singapore. ‘Singapore Invites’ literally invites the public to Singapore for a similarly inspirational experience.

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